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Gestern gab es eine ersten Probelauf zum Thema SEO Trends auf von webdesign müller aus Leipzig. Der Kurs fand in unserem Virtuellen Konferenzraum statt, so dass jede/r Teilnehmer/in bequem von zu Hause aus daran teilnehmen konnte. Ich finde diese Möglichkeit des E-Learnings so praktisch und effektiv. Sicher ist es nicht ganz dasselbe, wenn man mit jemanden direkt vor Ort spricht, aber auch hier hat man die Möglichkeit, sich mit den Teilnehmern zu unterhalten. Natürlich muss die Tonqualität stimmen – aber mit Headset und WLAN ist das sicher kein Problem!

Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Kurse zum Thema SEO!
Termine werden rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.

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    Thank you, Holly! That is always nice to hear, of course, and cheered up my afternoon :-) I carved the erasers with an x-acto knife. If you like it you should give it a try – it really is easier than it looks!

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    Path doesn’t draw me back in. The feeling of being surveilled, as with quora, puts me off. This ‘feature’ adds to that. Maybe I’ll go for the not logging in high score.Also, the android app doesn’t claim its URLs right, so if I do click a link to path I just get the website, not the app, and the website is a cul de sac like instagram.

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    Patrick!! Happy to see your comments here! Yes, slowing down and walking are great examples to help you notice the spaces – I agree. Curious to hear more about your experience the other day and what you learned about yourself in that moment.Don’t see the link…

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    Pelik aku… PDO yg hari2 dok kutuk UMNO BN puak2 ni x nmpk… sekali sekala tegur Anwar dan PKR dituduh mcm2… Apakah Anwar tu maksum dr melakukan kesalahan. Gara2 Anwar tak terima teguranlah … menyebabkan dia terperangkap dengan kes Saiful, Hashimi dll.. Kalau dia dgr teguran org… dia x ambik Saiful keje dgn dia dulu… Skrg mcm2 kutuk PDO… PKR mmg jenis x boleh ditegur… hampas betullarrr

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    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

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    #173 – Not more than $350K.Reason- it is a starter house, has only one full bath. Hence cannot be used by families with 2+ children.For a starter home in NJ, if both husband and wife are working with a combined income of 130K, you multiply 130*3 (ratio of income towards housing) which gives you 390K.Take 40K off the table as insurance incase the wife stop working, which gives you a fait price of 350K.

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    Laura– since I hadn’t seen anything posted from you for several days- Tea and I were beginning to worry a bit and then here you are on the 4th of July msg board. Congrats on such a thorough, nerve racking and thought proving report. Ah my- a time for you to remember for the rest of your days. luv ya Floyd and Tea

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    oh i so love your posts both pictures and writing, even about the weather:)i really like instagram but serbian networks support android phones so not many people have the iphone. but i was so glad to discover pixlr-o-matic and toy camera which give the similar effects as instagram. the downside is there are no community like you have with the instagram, but i hope things will change in future:)

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    That a *worst*????No bloody way.Definitely wishful thinking in my book.See the way the beloved Mr. Benaud is carefully holding his glass and resting his other arm firmly on the table to prevent his hands from wandering.The look on his face clearly indicates that his mind is far from the task of PR pix.More likely on the posteriors of the pixies.

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    Har du laget skjermen selv?? Den ble jo superbra!! jeg har faktsik laget et par skjermer en gang men slet med å få det til å bli pent i skjøten. Løste det med å sette lampene med skjøten inn mot veggen men skulle gjerne fått det til skikkelig! Din ser jo helt perfekt ut! Tror jeg må ta meg en tur ut i "vedboden" som rommer alle impulskjøpene som ikke var så kule likevel og se om jeg kan finne en skjerm jeg kan ribbe.. :)

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    October 6, 2012 at 5:24 pmHi Dixie!O my.. well… it’s amazing what you can get from one little card. You’ve really hit into the heart of it. You know though, it’s not easy for him… he’s got 6 planets in Libra, 4th House. yeeesh. LOL I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Thanks for the excellent reading.. I’m going to forward this to my hubs. And even though Chongo had no words of wisdom for me today, give her a nice scratch behind the ears from me. :3Many Thanks, Beth (and Family) Reply

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    The heart of your writing while appearing reasonable originally, did not work well with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you managed to make me a believer unfortunately just for a very short while. I still have a problem with your jumps in logic and you might do well to fill in all those breaks. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I could undoubtedly end up being fascinated.

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    Thanks Dr. Gorczyca! Linda is an absolute treasure! She has been a wonderful friend and mentor for a long time and it was such a treat to have her as a guest on the show. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her present a course you will be thrilled with the knowledge you and your team members will gain.

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    I’ve never read the books and found the first couple of shows confusing (I ended up reading episode recaps to put the pieces together), but once the series started getting its legs underneath it it seemed to really take off. What I really like about it is that the characters are so complex. Nobody’s 100% good or 100% bad — well, with the exception of the bratty Lannister prince.

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    Okay, I'm "hooked"! Every pattern you've posted lately, I've just HAD to buy! I've also directed a few people to you. Don't know if they've purchased but at least they know you're out there. Word of mouth is the best way to build business, after all, I found you by way of my sister.:)

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    Steve,You have a lot of people that seem to have an automatic chimpout whenever Whiskey posts. It's gotten very noticable. His post was clearly worded. Someone may disagree with the content, but it's not different in tone then 90% of other posts in your comments section.My distilled version of his post…1. agricultural development is good for Turkey.2. Islamicization is bad.Big deal, seems plausible.I'm calling B.S. on the anti-Whiskey brigade.Duncan Idaho

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    That would be sweet! Unfortunately, we wouldn’t make it. That would only be around $15,000 per year (Federal minimum wage of 7.25 per hour). For a family of four, the poverty level is $22,350 so that is my goal. But I estimate that my family currently consumes about $40,000 a year. Although I may have to recheck that number, it might have been before we got rid of our debt…

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    You complain about the US funding Israel with billions of dollars, and yet you want to go vacation and spend your money there to further stimulate their economy? For the third time? If you wanted to reach Gaza, you could go through Egypt since it’s now been opened after the Jan 25 revolution. Anyone who spends a dollar in Israel supports the murder of Palestinian children.

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    Carlos Eduardo, eu nunca fui taxada em compras com valor total abaixo dos $50, então minha dica é que se tiver dois produtos e o valor de cada seja menor que $50, mas os dois juntos ultrapassem o valor, faça dois pedidos/ compras distintas

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    Absolutely hilarious. Your dog is a trip! Have you ever read “Dress your family in corduroy and denim”? There is a hilarious (but also totally off-putting) bit in one of the stories about how David Sedaris’ brother trained his dogs to eat each other’s crap. And he found this out on the beach after his sister’s wedding.Reading this, it sounds like your dog was cut of similar cloth.

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    "For all the proto-sexual obsession with violence you can see here (in both moldbug and his commenters, but he hides it better), I would guess that nobody here has been in combat or even so much as a bar fight"You must be new here. Moldbug has stated in his writings over and over that he is against violence. Kinda getting sick of the same ADHD sperglords coming into this blog, not having read the history, and then making half-assed assumptions.

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